Learning you or someone close to you has cancer can be a difficult and confusing time. To help you better understand the treatment options available, we have created this website to introduce you to our practice and to begin to explain how radiation therapy is used to safely and effectively treat cancer.

Radiation Oncologists of Central Arizona, LLP (ROCA) has been offering compassionate, cutting-edge cancer treatment to Valley residents for over 20 years at the premier hospital-based cancer centers in metro Phoenix. We are a group of caring Radiation Oncologists dedicated to providing the most effective, safe, and evidence-based radiation therapy available. We partner with our patients, their families, and their other physicians to optimize their well-being and the outcomes of treatment.

ROCA physicians are nationally recognized leaders in advanced radiotherapy technology and have introduced state-of-the-art therapies to the Valley. ROCA physicians have also provided Arizona's cancer patients access clinical trials through collaborative research organizations.

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Board-Certified Radiation Oncologists

John J. Kresl, MD Lauren D. Stegman, MD, PhD
Kurt A. Wharton, MD Sandra S. Zaky, MD

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